Windows (NT, 9x, 2000, me) is now fully supported for DBAComp

Thanks to the decision of TrollTech ( to make available a non-commercial version of Qt, I can now supply a binary version of DBAComp for Windows. Prior to this announcement I was limited to telling you that DBAComp could be compiled against the evaluation version of Qt for Windows and that you had to buy Qt if you wanted to use DBAComp. The source package contained instructions and a dsp file to build DBAComp on Windows using Visual C++. But I doubt that many people have done so due to the licensing problems.

You can get the binary windows version from the download page. The package is much larger than the other binary packages because it includes the Qt library (dll) thus making it unnecessary to install Qt (this is actually something I will probably generalise for all binary packages).

The source package has also been adapted slightly so that you can build DBAComp yourself. I have adapted the Visual C++ dsp file so that you can build DBAComp using the non-commercial Qt version. I have also modified the installation instructions in the '' file. DBAComp can only be built using Visual C++ this is due to the fact that Qt is restricted to Visual C++.

I have tested DBAComp on Windows 98 and NT. It should work on the other Windows flavours as well but this is only a guess. Tell me if you have used it on any other Windows version.

A big 'Thank you' to TrollTech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!